Marine Surveyors    

PETERS AND PRASAD ASSOCIATES was incorporated on the 1st of September 1990 at the port of Visakhapatnam on the East Coast of India. It is the only surveying company which has it's headquarters in Visakhapatnam, situated in the State of Andhra Pradesh which has been rated as one of the fastest and most forward thinking in the region by various international agencies including the world bank. This firm has established branches in the adjacent ports of Kakinada & Paradip.

                      PETERS AND PRASAD ASSOCIATES was founded by two individuals with deep knowledge and experience in the marine surveying field - Capt. George Mathew Peter and Mr. R. S. Prasad carried between the two of them almost 30 years of experience in the profession when they decided to come together in 1990 to form PETERS & PRASAD ASSOCIATES. Their new partner Capt. Reuben George Peter has to his credit vast exposure to all types of modern tanker trade.

                      PETERS AND PRASAD ASSOCIATES are the non-exclusive surveyors for  Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, the ship classification society of Japan, Germanischer Lloyd, ship classification society of Germany, Nautical Inspectors to The Republic of Liberia, Bahamas, Marshall Islands, Barbados and The International Cargo Gear Bureau. They are the appointed  surveyors to The London Salvage Association and are panel members of the Arbitration Council of India.

                      PETERS AND PRASAD ASSOCIATES represent  the interests of a dozen leading P&I Clubs world wide and does a wide range of jobs - all the way from stowaways to pre-shipment inspection of cargoes, to the condition and valuation survey of ships.

They have surveyors who are well equipped to take care of a broad spectrum of cargoes including Metal Ores, Finished steel and Aluminium products, Coal, Fertilizers, Grain, Reefer cargo, LNG, LPG, Petrochemicals, Caustic Soda, Acids, Forest products, Vegetable oils etc. This surveying company has direct access to its own subsidiary Anatest and Maritime Consultants, a reputed and fully equipped commodity lab doing analysis of of various commodities such as ores, minerals, metals, water, edible and mineral oil and all types of fertilizers.

Their  technical staff have handled all types of operations including pre-purchase inspections of units both land and sea based, audit work, continuous supervision of discharge operations (as Port Captains), of Dry and Wet Cargoes, Compass adjustments, Inspection of oil rigs, Liaison for port development and other projects in India etc.

              With their wide and varied experience and exposure they  are able to offer the broadest possible coverage and a comprehensive marine package here on the east coast of India. Through their  associate concerns in every port in India, they will be able to look after your interest in every Indian port on the east or west coast.

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