Results of Previous Opinion Polls

Poll Conducted from Saturday, December 22, 2018 to Friday, March 15, 2019

Public opinion on beach road mega projects

Since June 2018 Vizagites came to know through the newspapers that a Rs. 100 crore project was being considered on the beach road near the Kursura submarine. The proponents of the project were said to be VMRDA, GVMC, Tourism and the Navy. While the first three were putting in funds, the Navy was contributing a Sea Harrier aircraft.

The components of the project were envisaged as a naval museum comprising the existing Kursura submarine, TU 142 aircraft museum and the Victory at Sea memorial plus an added decommissioned Sea Harrier aircraft an underground tunnel of 900 meters and an underground car park for more that a 1,000 cars and 1,000 bikes. Please note that the tunnel component had now been dropped by VMRDA.

This project is highly controversial for several reasons, with the public and the administration taking opposing views on the need to thrust this project into an already crowded beach road.

To get an understanding of your views we are conducting a quick survey. We request you to take a few moments to fill the questionnaire and also share it with your friends.
(Survey conducted on behalf of Mr. Sohan Hatangadi)

Should local residents be consulted when large projects are taken up in Vizag?(వైజాగ్లో భారీ ప్రాజెక్టులు చేపట్టినప్పుడు స్థానిక నివాసితులు సంప్రదించాలా?)

Yes(అవును) 93%
No(కాదు) 4%
Cant Say(చెప్పలేను) 3%

When local projects are taken up, whose opinion should be most important?(స్థానిక ప్రాజెక్టులు చేపట్టినప్పుడు, ఎవరి అభిప్రాయం చాలా ముఖ్యమైనదిగా ఉండాలి?

Political leader/collector/VMRDA/GVMC(రాజకీయ నాయకుడు / కలెక్టర్ / VMRDA / GVMC) 8%
People of Vizag(వైజాగ్ ప్రజలు) 92%
Others(ఇతరులు) 1%

When making projects in Vizag who should get priority?(వైజాగ్లో ప్రాజెక్టులు చేస్తున్నప్పుడు ఎవరికి ప్రాధాన్యతనివ్వాలి?)

Tourists who come occasionally(అప్పుడప్పుడు వచ్చే పర్యాటకులు) 7%
Residents already living here(ఇక్కడే ఉంటున్న నివాసితులు) 92%
Others(ఇతరులు) 1%

Our beach road should be(మన బీచ్ రోడ్..)

Clean and natural(శుభ్రంగా మరియు సహజత్వం కలిగి ఉండాలి) 96%
Built up with structures(ఎక్కువ నిర్మాణాలు కిలిగి ఉండాలి) 3%
No opinion(అభిప్రాయం లేదు) 1%

Should the beach road(మన బీచ్ రోడ్..)

Be more crowded(మరింత రద్దీగా ఉండాలి) 9%
Be the same as now(ఇప్పటిలాగే ఉండాలి) 50%
Should be less crowded(తక్కువ రద్దీగా ఉండాలి) 41%

Should the beach road(మన బీచ్ రోడ్)

Be more active and noisy(ఎక్కువ కార్యక్రమాలు శబ్దాలతో నిండి ఉండాలి) 11%
Same activity and noise as now(ఇప్పుడున్న కార్యక్రమాలు శబ్దాలతోనే ఉండాలి) 33%
Less events and quieter than now(ఇప్పటికన్నా తక్కువ కార్యక్రమాలు శబ్దాలతో ఉండాలి) 56%

Are you from(మీరు ఎక్కడ నివసిస్తున్నారు?)

Nearby(వైజాగ్ లో బీచ్ దగ్గర) 56%
In Vizag but far(వైజాగ్లో బీచ్ కి దూరంగా) 35%
From other towns/cities(వేరే పట్టణం/ ఊరు) 8%
From abroad(విదేశంలో) 2%
Poll Conducted from Thursday, August 17, 2017 to Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rising Crime In Vizag

The recent brazen murder of a prominent business man in broad daylight in Vizag has shocked the citizens of Vizag and has many of them worried about their safety.

Do you think Vizag is no more a safe and peaceful city?

Not safe anymore 42%
Still safe & peaceful 58%
Poll Conducted from Monday, December 11, 2017 to Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Coastal Regulation Zone Activists Bogey?

The recent complaint by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation(APTDC) Executive Director that execution of tourism projects in the city delayed because of "activists" sounds like a big fat excuse, a diversion! It will be interesting to know which body has objected and which beach shack has been stopped and how much tourist business has been lost because of those shacks not coming up.

The ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) have observed how irresponsible tourism and other industry can ruin our best natural assets. Later crores of our money will be required to clean up. We will be left with garbage and plastic strewn beaches. Tourism department will simply wipe their hands off saying "cleaning and managing the beach is not our problem".
Government officials must focus on the task of getting the basic tourism infrastructure in place like proper approach roads, resting areas, parking, brochures, guides, toilets, high quality sanitation and greening.

Do you think as stated by APTDC is it really the Coastal Regulation Zone(CRZ) Activists Bogey?

Yes, It is the CRZ Activists Bogey 25%
No, It is a diversion tactic by APTDC 75%
Poll Conducted from Wednesday, June 13, 2018 to Saturday, October 20, 2018

Headless Corporation

Election of corporators and Mayor of Visakhapatnam is pending since 2012 and the State Goverment seems to be in no hurry to conduct the same. Various reasons have been cited including problems related to merger of Anakapalle and Bhimunipatnam municipalities with Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, court cases, and the Hudhud cyclone.

It appears that not having anyone oversee the functioning of the civic body suits the state government. There are also allegations that taxes and other fees collected from Vizag are being diverted for the development of the proposed State Capital for the last four years.

Is the absence of elected representatives affecting the effective functioning of the civic body in Visakhapatnam?

Yes, very much 59%
No, not much 32%
Cant Say 9%