Lost/Stolen Cellphones

Want to make sure that the used cell phone you are buying is not a stolen/lost one? Want to track down your lost/stolen cell phone? Or want to prevent unsuspecting buyers from buying your stolen handset from the grey market? VizagCityOnline introduces the facility to enter data from your cellphone so that:

  • You may prevent unsuspecting buyers from buying your handset which was lost/stolen

  • You may check whether the used handset you are about to buy was lost by/stolen from someone else

  • You can help authorities track down the handset which was lost/ stolen from you facilities to enter your cellphone data, so that

This is done by using your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity), a 15-digit unique code that identifies your instrument.

If you have lost a handset, spend a few minutes to feed in the IMEI Number of your lost instrument. Why? Because if you feed the IMEI of the lost instrument, VizagCityOnline will allow buyers of used handsets to check our database and find out if the same was lost or stolen. Such information not only helps authorities track down the thief and restore the instrument to its rightful owner, but also protects the buyer's interests. Also, this enables service providers to suspend the services to that particular phone to prevent misuse/illegal use.

Every cell phone owner needs to note his IMEI number carefully - do it NOW. You can find your IMEI number by pressing the following keys on your phone: * # 06 # (This works for most of the sets). This would help the authorities track it down in the event of its loss or theft.

Note that every network provider also has an EIR - Equipment ID register. In case the handset is lost/stolen, the IMEI number is reported to the police and the network provider. When the stolen phone is switched on, the IMEI number is communicated to the company and they can match the EIR with that of the IMEI number.

If you are buying a used handset and would like to check our database, click here.

If you have lost your cellphone and want to enter the IMEI number, click here (You need to login as a Registered User to enter a lost/stolen IMEI No. Registration is a free process).