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The Coastal Regulation Zone Activists Bogey?

The recent complaint by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation(APTDC) Executive Director that execution of tourism projects in the city delayed because of "activists" sounds like a big fat excuse, a diversion! It will be interesting to know which body has objected and which beach shack has been stopped and how much tourist business has been lost because of those shacks not coming up.

The ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) have observed how irresponsible tourism and other industry can ruin our best natural assets. Later crores of our money will be required to clean up. We will be left with garbage and plastic strewn beaches. Tourism department will simply wipe their hands off saying "cleaning and managing the beach is not our problem".
Government officials must focus on the task of getting the basic tourism infrastructure in place like proper approach roads, resting areas, parking, brochures, guides, toilets, high quality sanitation and greening.

Do you think as stated by APTDC is it really the Coastal Regulation Zone(CRZ) Activists Bogey?

 Yes, It is the CRZ Activists Bogey
 No, It is a diverision tactic by APTDC
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